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Arduino is an Open source technology is the backbone of today’s IT industry. Arduino is a low cost MCU platform that can create easily designed electronics and homemade projects ranging from simple models to robots and satellites. The platform is free for developers worldwide hence work of other engineers can be leveraged to make our work easy. 

Arduino With an unlimited spectrum of input and output add-ons like sensors, indicators, displays, motors etc. this hardware is a boon for hobbyists and engineers to create devices that can interact with the real world. It a small chip based on an architecture with support for embedded applications, such as measuring device, security systems, robotics, remoter control applications, scroll message display, etc. Training emphasis is given to applied knowledge of the principles by exposing the students to live working projects

Course curriculum:

Learn how to program – Use the Arduino to program the robot

Chapter 1. Introduction to Arduino

                 •Introduction to Open Source Hardware 

                 •Introduction ARDUINO 

                 •Understanding the Environment 

                 •Why Arduino? 

                 •Different series of ARDUINO Development Board 

Chapter 2. Arduino: theory

                 •Arduino UNO Semitics & Bootloader 

                 •Understanding How the Stuff works? 

                 •Introduction to Microcontroller 

                 •Microcontroller - 328P 

Chapter 3. Arduino Integrated Development Environment

                 •Installing the Environment 

                 •Arduino IDE! 

                 •Blink LED 

Chapter 4. Before You Begin

                 •About circuit designing 


                 •Working of IR Sensor 

                 •Start and make circuits 

                 •Understanding the Sketch 

Chapter 5. Interfacing Arduino

                 •Interfacing LED 

                 •Interfacing Displays: LCD 

                 •Interfacing seven segment displays 

                 • Interfacing Actuators: DC Geared Motor

Chapter 6. Arduino: Core

                 •Learn wireless communication: PC to Arduino 





                 •SPI communication 

                 •Inter IC-communication (I2C) between two Arduino 

Chapter 7. Introduction to Motors

                 • What are motors? 

                 • DC Motors 

                 • Servo Motors 

                 •Stepper Motors 

Chapter 8. Sensors

                 •What are sensors? 

                 •IR sensors designing & programming 

                 •Interfacing Temperature sensor 

                 •Interfacing HC-SR04 

                 •Interface PIR Sensor 

Chapter 9. Arduino: Other Module

                 •Interfacing Accelerometers 

                 •Interfacing GPS module 

                 •Interfacing Gas Sensor 

                 •Operating servo motor 


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Students Reviews

" Very informative and easy to understand!.. thank you cybretron team nd very nice teaching way. "

" I am very happy to complete the course and learned a lot of practical stuff which is useful to my job later on. Hopefully for my continuation into IT line that i will be given a better job prospect after this course. thank you cybertron network solutions team and faculty members. "

" A big thank you cybertron faculty very helpful nd good technical nd teaching mind blowing .The presenter really knows the curriculum of the course. Well put together! "

" The presenter really knows the curriculum of the course. Well put together! thank you so much cybertron team member ..... !!!! "