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Certificate In Arduino


An embedded system is a combination of electrical, mechanical, chemical component along with a computer to perform a single dedicated task. Mostly these computers are a single chip microcontroller which are brain of the embedded systems. Every day we interacts with hundreds of computers that are embedded into our cars, houses, toys and our works. In today’s world these devices are increasing day by day which are equipped with microcontrollers. A trained workforce can develop and manage these embedded systems. 

The objective of the course is to allow students to know how the microcontroller interact with environment. Under this course student will learn about microcontrollers and their interfacing with different sensors. It will provide hands on experience on microcontroller programming and practical. It takes an effective approach to learn new techniques.  

Course curriculum:

Chapter 1. Introduction to Embedded System

                 • History of Embedded System

                 • How Embedded System works

                 • Application of Embedded System

                 • Future of Embedded System

Chapter 2. Correlation b/w Embedded System, Computer System, Mechatronics, Robotics etc.

Chapter 3. Introduction of Electronic Component

Chapter 4. Introduction to Sensors

                 • What is Sensor?

                 • Type of Sensors

                 • DTMF Module

                 • Selection of Sensor

                 • Basic working Technique of Sensor

                 • Application & Interfacing of Sensor

Chapter 5. Introduction to Computational Devices

                 • Introduction to microcontroller & microprocessor

                 • Difference B/W microcontroller & microprocessor

                 • Application of microcontroller

                 • Selection of microcontroller

                 • How to use various microcontroller

                 • Work on AVR Family with Mega Series (ATmega8)

Chapter 6. Interfacing to Motors

Chapter 7. How to work on Educational & Engineering Level Motors

Chapter 8. Introduction to Driving System/Locomotion

                 •What is Driving System?

                 •Various Types of Driving System

                 •Why need Driving System

Chapter 9. How to Drive Motor

                 • H-Bridge Motor Drive

                 • Advanced Motor Driver

Chapter 10. Introduction to Programming Languages

                  • Various programming Languages

                  • Selection of programming Language

                  • Need of Flow Diagram

                  • How to write First "LED BLINKING" Code in Embedded C

                  • Why always First "LED BLINKING" Code?

                  • Practice on various LED Pattern

                  • Debugging of Error Program

Chapter 11. Introduction to Display Devices

                   • Liquid crystal display

                   • 7-segment display

                   • Dot matrix

Chapter 12. Application of display devices

Chapter 13. Interfacing of Anatomy of Robot

                    • Assembling of Robot

Chapter 14. Introduction to Timer/Counter

                  • What is Timer/Counter?

                  • Application of Timers/Counter

                  • Programming on Atemga8 Timers/Counter

Chapter 15. Introduction to Analog to Digital Convertor (ADC)

                  • ADC, How it works???

                  • Different Mode and Registers of ADC

                  • Programming ADC

Chapter 16. Serial Communication

                  • Role of communication

                  • Type of communication protocol

                  • Difference between Parallel and Serial Communication

                  • USART / UART Protocol

                  •RS232 Standard

                  •UART Programming


Project covered:

  • LED Blinking
  • Running LEDs
  • Sand Glass Filling of LEDs
  • Decoration LEDs/ LED Patterns Etc.
  • Sensor Interfacing
  • DC Motor Driving
  • Black Line Follower using two IR-Sensor
  • White Line Follower using two IR-Sensor
  • Light Searching Robot
  • Wall follower Robot
  • Edge Avoider Robot
  • Intelligent Line Follower Robot
  • Grid Solving Robot (DEMO)
  • Obstacle avoider using ultrasonic sensor
  • Mobile Controlled Robot
  • Blinking LEDs using TIMER0
  • Blinking LEDs using Interrupts
  • Stepper Motor Driving (DEMO)
  • Bluetooth  Controlled Robot(Demo)
  • On Demand Projects…etc

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