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CyberTron Certified Ethical Hacker


Are you eager to learn Ethical Hacking and want to be a profound Cyber Security Expert? If your answer is YES, then this course is only for you. I specially framed this course to Transform Your Life from what you are today to what you actually want to be. 

Have you ever wondered exactly how hackers Hack? Have you been looking for a course that teaches you all the basics to Advance of both information and cyber security in a fun relaxed manner? If so then this course absolutely perfect for you.

Cybertron Training : Ethical Hacking Course Institute in Delhi

In Introduction to Ethical Hacking, you will be introduced to various concepts on ethical hacking. You will receive an introduction to the basics of Risk Management and Disaster Recovery. As well as an introduction to Penetration Testing.

You will gain a comprehensive understanding of vulnerability assessment and the tools used in this process. What kind of security measures do you take to protect your facilities, equipment, resources, personnel, and property from damage caused by unauthorized access? In this course, Physical Security, these are questions that we will be answering. Footprinting is the gathering of information related to a particular computer and its users and systems.

Want to kick-start your career in Ethical Hacking? Go for our Ethical hacking Training program and get trained by industry professionals to perfect your skills.

Upgrade yourself with practical skills in Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking.
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This course is designed in such way that it will take your journey as newbie to Expert level. This is a comprehensive course that will touch all the aspect of security during its journey. This course is a great place to start your journey towards becoming a qualified and certified computer security expert.In this Advanced course, Skills takes you beyond the basics of Ethical Hacking and shows you advanced techniques for discovering potential security problems with your web application and networks.

Cybertron Training : Ethical Hacking Course Institute in Delhi

CyberTron provides Best Ethical Hacking Training in Delhi as per the current industry standards. CyberTron is one of the most recommended Ethical Hacking Training Institute in Delhi that offers hands on practical knowledge / practical implementation on live projects and will ensure the job with the help of advance level Ethical Hacking Training Courses. At CyberTron Ethical Hacking Training in Delhi is conducted by specialist working certified corporate professionals having 5+ years of experience in implementing real-time Ethical Hacking projects.


A Course For You: Learn about the Dark Web, Social Engineering, Backdoors, Website Hacking, SQL Injection, Wireless attacks and more!
Chapter 1. Networking Concept

                  • How does internet work?

                  • What is network?

                  • Countermeasures of network..

                  • What is IP and types of IP?

                  • What is Mac?

                  • What is Cookie and Cache?

                  • Domain Name System

                  • DNS Poisoning

                  • Name Server

                  • Electronic Mail

                  • Introduction of Ports

                  • Introduction to Web Browser

                  • Detail Study on Firewall


Chapter 2. Operating System Concept

                  • Introduction to Operating System

                  • Types of Operating System

                  • Concept of ACL


Chapter 3. Introduction to Ethical Hacking

                  • What is Ethical Hacking?

                  • Types of Hackers

                  • Who is a Hacker?

                  • Security Challenges

                   • Scanning

                   • Skills required for an Ethical Hacker

                   • Types of Attacks

                   • What do Ethical Hackers Do?

                   • Vulnerability Research

                   • Effects of Hacking

                   • How can Hacking be Ethical?

                   • Types of Data Stolen from the organization

                   • What is Penetration Testing?

                   • Penetration Testing Methodology


Chapter 4. Footprinting

                 • Footprinting Terminologies

                 • What is Footprinting?

                 • Methods of Footprinting

                 • Benefits of Footprinting

                 • People Search

                 • Who-is-lookup

                 • DNS Lookup

                 • Analyzing Email Headers

                 • Extracting DNs Information

                 • Traceroute

                 • Mirroring Websites

                 • Finding Vulnerable Web-Sites

                 • Extracting Website Information’s

                 • Tracking Users

                 • Tracking Emails Communications

                 • Tracking Emails Communication

                 • Complete Study on CYBERTRON Tracing Tools


Chapter 5. Google Hacking

                 • What a hacker Do using Google Hacking

                 • Footprinting using Google Hacking Technique

                 • Google Advance Search Operators

                 • Google Hacking Tools


Chapter 6. Scanning Network

                 • Network Scanning

                 •Types of Scanning

                 • Three Way Handshake

                 • TCP Communication Flags

                 • Hping Commands

                 • Scanning Techniques

                 • Searching Vulnerable Systems

                 • Operating System Fingerprinting

                 • Scanning Countermeasures

                 • Securing Network

                 • Complete Study on Banner Grabbing

                 • Vulnerability Scanning

                 • Proxy Servers

                 • Use of Proxies

                 • Working of Multi Proxies

                 • Proxy Tools

                 • HTTP Tunneling Technologies

                 • SSH Tunneling

                 • IP Spoofing Detection Technology

                 • IP Spoofing Countermeasures


Chapter 7. System Hacking and Passwords Breaking

                 • System Hacking: Goals

                 • CYBERTRON Hacking Methodology

                 • Password Cracking

                 • Password Complexity

                 • Password Cracking Techniques

                 • Types of Password Attacks

                 • Microsoft Authentication

                 • How Hash Passwords are Stored in Windows SAM?

                 • PWdump7 and Fgdump

                 • LazeSoft

                 • Ophcrack

                 • Cain & Abel

                 • Detail Study on Password Cracking Tools

                 • Privilege Escalation

                 • Covering Tracks?

                 • AntiRootkits

                  • Details Study on Spyware or RootKits

                  • Types of RootKits

                  • Rootkits

                  • Antispyware

                  • Email or internet Spyware

                  • Audio Spyware

                  • USB Spyware

                  • Types of Spyware

                  • Spyware

                  • AntiKeyloggers

                  • Detail Study on Keyloggers and Spywares

                  • Types of Keystroke Loggers

                  • Keylogger

                  • Escalation of Privileges


Chapter 8. Steganography & Cryptography

                   • What is Steganography?

                   • Steganography Techniques

                   • How Steganography Works

                   • Types of Steganography

                   • Methods of Steganography

                   • Cryptography

                   • Types of Cryptography

                   • Cryptography Techniques


Chapter 9. Trojans and Backdoors

                   • Introductions to Trojans

                   • Reasons of Trojans

                   • How to use Trojans

                   • How Systems get infected? By Trojans

                   • Types of Trojans

                   • Designing Trojans

                   • Removing Trojans

                   • Detail study on Designing and use Trojans

                   • Detections Trojans

                   • How to create Backdoors

                   • Uninstalling Trojans remotely

                   • Purpose of Backdoors

                   • Study on Anti-Trojan Software

                   • Backdoor Countermeasures

                   • Trojans Countermeasures


Chapter 10. Viruses & Worms

                    • Introduction to Viruses

                    • Stages of Viruses Life

                    • Working of Viruses

                    • Why Do People Create Computer Viruses

                    • Indications of Viruses attack

                    • How does a Computer get infected by Viruses?

                    • Viruses Analysis

                    • Types of Viruses

                    • Designing Viruses

                    • Computer Worms

                    • Worm Maker

                    • Worm Analysis

                    • Anti-Virus Tools

                    • Virus detection methods

                    • Virus & Worms Countermeasures


Chapter 11. Sniffers & Phishing

                    • Sniffing Threats

                    • How a Sniffer Works

                    • What is Address Resolution Protocol (ARP?)

                    • Types of Sniffing

                    • How DHCP works

                    • Spoofing Attacks

                    • DNS Poisoning

                    • Sniffing Tool: Wire Shark

                    • What is Phishing?

                    • How Phishing works

                   • Types of Phishing

                   • Designing Phishing

                   • Detection of Phishing


Chapter 12. Social Engineering

                   • What is Social Engineering?

                   • Behaviors Vulnerable to attacks

                   • Why is Social Engineering Effective?

                   • Warning Signs of an Attacks

                   • Phases in a Social Engineering attack

                   • Impact on the Organization

                   • Command Injection Attacks

                   • Common Targets of Social Engineering

                   • Types of Social Engineering

                   • Social Engineering Through Impersonation On Social networking Sites

                   • Risks of Social Networking to Corporate Networks

                   •Social Engineering Countermeasures


Chapter 13. Denial of Service

                   • What is Denial of Service Attack?

                   • What is Distributed Denial of Service Attacks?

                   • DoS Attack Techniques

                   • Botnet

                   • DoS/DDoS Countermeasures

                   • Detail Study on DoS attack Tools

                   • Detection Techniques


Chapter 14. Session Hacking

                    • What is Session Hijacking?

                    • Key Session Hijacking Techniques

                   • Session Hijacking Process

                   • Types of Session Hijacking

                   • Session Hijacking Tools

                   • Countermeasures

                   • Methods to Prevent Session Hijacking

                   • Defending Against Session Hijacking Attacks


Chapter 15. Hacking Web Applications

                   • Web Application Security Statistics

                   • Introduction to Web Applications

                   • Web Application Components

                   • How Web Applications Work?

                   • Web Application Architecture

                   • Injection Flaws

                   • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Attacks

                   • How XSS Attacks Work?

                   • Cross-Site Scripting Attack Scenario: Attack via Email

                   • XSS Example

                   • XSS Cheat Sheet

                   • Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Attack

                   • How CSRF Attacks Work?

                   • Web Application Denial-of-Service (DoS) Attack

                   • Buffer Overflow Attacks

                   • Hacking Web Servers

                   • Username Enumeration

                   • Password Attacks: Password Functionality Exploits

                   • Password Attacks: Password Guessing

                  • Password Attacks: Brute-forcing

                  • Session Attacks: Session ID Prediction/ Brute-forcing

                  • Cookie Exploitation: Cookie Poisoning

                  • Encoding Schemes

                  • How to Defend Against SQL Injection Attacks?

                  • How to Defend Against Command Injection Flaws?

                  • How to Defend Against XSS Attacks?

                  • How to Defend Against DoS Attack?

                  • How to Defend Against Web Services Attack?

                  • Web Application Countermeasures

                  • Web Application Firewall


Chapter 16. SQL Injection

                   • What is SQL Injection?

                   • SQL Injection Attacks

                   • How Web Applications Work?

                   • SQL Injection Detection

                   • Types of SQL Injection

                   • What is Blind SQL Injection?

                   • SQL Injection Methodology

                   • Information Gathering

                   • SQL Injection Tools

                   • How to Defend Against SQL Injection Attacks?

                   • How to Defend Against SQL Injection Attacks: Use Type-Safe SQL Parameters


Chapter 17. Cyber Crime Investigation

                    • Introduction to Cyber Crime Investigation.

                    • Types of Cyber Crimes.

                    • Report Cyber Crimes.

                    • Investigating Emails (Email Tracing)

                    • Online email header analysis.

                    • Investigating Phishing Cases.

                    • Investigating Data Theft Cases.

                    • Investigating Orkut Profile Impersonation Cases.

                    • Cyber Law & IT Act, 2000 / 2008.


Chapter 18. Overview of Kali Linux & Backtrack

                    • Introduction of Linux

                    • Understanding Linux

                    • How Linux Works

                    • Introduction of Backtrack

                    • Understanding Backtrack

                    • How Backtrack Operating System Works

                    • Basic Command of Backtrack

Who is the target audience?


  • One who wants to become Ethical Hacker and Cyber Security Expert.
  • One who is desperately eager to learn how Hackers hack computer system.
  • One who wants to know how to secure his system from any cyber attack.
  • Police officers, Defence personnel or Cyber Crime Investigators to trace the cyber criminals.
You Will Be Having Knowledge of These Topics After Completing This Course :  


  • Ethical Hacking
  • Bug Bounty Hunting : Web Application Penetration Testing
  • Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security Tools and Techniques
  • Windows Operating System Hacking & Security
  • Account Hacking Techniques 
  • Open Source Intelligence
  • Network Hacking and Security
  • Metasploit Extreme on Kali Linux
  • Cyber Crime and Forensics Investigation


  • Curiosity of Learning is main key to go ahead. Passion for becoming a Cyber Security expert or Ethical Hacker.
  • Basics of Computer and Internet.
  • No programming skills are required, we will start from scratch.


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Students Reviews

" Very easy to understand course. I really appreciate it. The instructor explains everything one by one and slowly slowly. I really liked it. "

" Actually this is a very good course and very nice and the maker of that course is really a hardworking guy.I just love it.This course is providing you detail about different aspects of Ethical Hacking.Just DO it. "

" I always wanted to learn Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing. But I didnt know where can I start. I like this course because It gave me a good start point. "

" A really good introduction to hacking for people not used to linux or using any real hacking software. Training start off slow but pick up pace later. Makes sure to touch on all points. A great introduction for beginners. "

" ? like this course, because practices are more than theory "

" Best institute for training in vapt. "

" I came from Dubai for learn Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing Module. Its Amazing and Worth coming from too far from Dubai to India. "

" Good education about hacking best course for short term "

" Best teachers..and best place to learn something new.. "

" Very nice place to learn new skills and show it off to your friends and use them to earn money "

" Best institute for learning ethical hacking and pen testing. "

" Best institute for learning ethical hacking and penetration testing. Gaurav sir is the best. "

" Guys if you really don`t want to waste your time and money, then you should join this institute. Really best. "

" This place is an excellent centre for learning and up scaling your skills. "

" It was a good time I spent there to learn about Pen testing. Teacher is highly appreciated and has a good knowledge. "