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CyberTron Certified Metasploit Expert-CCME


CCME is designed to help attendees master the most heavily used exploitation framework on the planet and see how they can wield it effectively in professional penetration testing.

We analyze some of the most powerful and yet often overlooked capabilities of the framework with numerous exercises that make this class one of the most hands-on courses ever developed

you will understand the Ruby foundations of Metasploit and how interacting with these underpinnings will greatly optimize and enhance your testing activities. Further, you will understand how far you can extend your exploitation activities through the effective use of some of the late-breaking features of the amazing Meterpreter. Finally, have you ever wondered how you can compromise an entire Domain from simple Windows system access? After this day you will know exactly how to achieve this kind of result. After all, shell is only the beginning.

Session 1 :  Introduction

  •   What is Metasploit?

  •    Requirements

  •    Architecture of Metasploit

Session 2 :  Metasploit Fundamentals

  •     Msfconsole

  •     Payloads

  •      Exploits

Session 3:     Meterpreter and its Basics

Session 4:     Information Gathering

  •     Port Scanning

  •     Os Scanning

  •     Service Identification

Session 5: Client Side Attacks

Session 6: Msf Post Exploitation

  •    Searching For Content

  •    Pass the hash

  •    Capturing the screen

  •    Event Log Management

  •     Fun with Incognito

  •     Enabling Remote Desktop

Session 7: Maintaining Access

  •    Keylogging

  •    Backdoors                                

Session 8: Msf Extended Usage


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