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Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing


Cybertron Certified Penetration Testing & Ethical Hacking- Kali Linux Course designed in such way that it will take your journey as “Newbie to Expert level”. This is a comprehensive course that will touch all the aspect of security during its journey. This course is a great place to start your journey towards becoming a qualified and certified computer security expert. In this Advanced course, Skills takes you beyond the basics of Ethical Hacking and shows you advanced techniques for discovering potential security problems with your web application and networks.

Cybertron Training : Ethical Hacking Course Institute in Delhi


  • Module 1 - Basic Understanding of Linux
  • Module 2 - Kali Linux Installation, update and upgrade 
  • Module 3 - Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking
  • Module 4 - Information Gathering
  • Module 5 - Scanning & Enumeration
  • Module 6 - Vulnerability Assessment
  • Module 7 - Metasploit and Exploitation
  • Module 8 - Privilege Escalation
  • Module 9 - Web Application Testing
  • Module 10 - Social Engineering
  • Module 11 - Wireless testing
  • Module 12 - Virus, Worms, Trojans, 
  • Module13 - Tor
  • Module14 - Documents and Reporting

Benefits of learning ethical hacking course from Cybertron Network Solutions :
1. We provide innovative and useful information for anyone who wants to learn ethical hacking.
2. Provide knowledge to repair and maintain a stronger line of defense within a security system.
Join our course and be a legal ethical hacker.

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