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Robotics With Arduino


Arduino is a simple micro-controller board and open source development environment that allows you to make computers that drive both functional and creative projects alike. With an almost unlimited range of input and output add-ons, sensors, indicators, displays, motors, and more, the Arduino offers you countless ways to create devices that interact with the world around you.

Our intuition about the future is linear. But the reality of information technology is exponential, and that makes a profound difference. If I take 30 steps linearly, I get to 30. If I take 30 steps exponentially, I get to a billion.

Ray Kurzweil

Session 1: Introduction to Embedded System and open source platform
  • Introduction to Embedded System
  • Applications & Scope of Embedded System in various industries.
  • An Overview of Open Hardware.
  • Arduino Board Description
Session 2: Introduction to Microcontroller
  • What is Microcontroller?
  • Difference between Microcontroller and Microprocessor
  • Microcontroller architecture and Interfacing
  • Introduction to Microcontrollers & the Arduino Platform
  • How can we use microcontroller in our circuits
Session 3: Introduction to Programming Language and Software tool chain
  • Programming Languages- Assembly Vs Embedded 'C'
  • Microcontroller Programming using Embedded 'C'
  • Software Installation
  • Getting started with the Arduino IDE to start writing your first program
  • Writing your First 'Embedded C' Program
Session 4: Interfacing of I/O devices
  • LEDs:-
  • Types of LEDs.
  • How LEDs works?
  • How LEDs will glow in sequence?
  • Interfacing of LED with Arduino
  • Switch:-
  • Types of switches
  • Their Functions
  • Interfacing of switch with Arduino
  • Buzzer:-
  • Types of Buzzer
  • Uses of Buzzer in Real Time
  • Interfacing of Buzzer with Arduino
  • Display Devices:-
  • Types of Display Devices
  • What is a Seven Segment Display?
  • Internal Structure of Seven Segment
  • How to glow Seven Segment?
  • Interfacing of Seven Segment with Arduino
  • Multiplexing
  • ADC:-
  • What is ADC?
  • Use Of ADC?
  • What is Resolution?
  • Uses of different ADC Registers?
  • Interfacing of Analog Devices with Digital World
  • Serial Communication:-
  • Difference between Parallel and Serial Communication
  • USART / UART Protocol
  • RS232 Standard?
  • TTL Converter
  • UART Programming
Session 5: FAQ and Project discussions


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