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Newbie to Hacker – Introduction

This newbie to hacker guide is for someone who is a beginner and looking for a proper guide to start your hacking journey. And also have no idea what are resources to look for. You will find enough resources on the internet to learn but not in a synchronized way. I will try to fill that gap with this blog. And I will request to all my readers if you have anything to share please let me know by comments. I will add your resource to a particular topic.

Base Pillars of Newbie to Hacker Journey

  • Linux Command Line
  • Networking
  • Security Concepts
  • Programming Languages
  • Databases


First Thing First you should have a proper mindset, you should be prepared for long hours of working. Moreover, you have enough patience to work with one problem for several hours. Becoming a white-hat hacker isn’t a having cake bite. It’s a tedious task but full of adventure if you love to play with technology.


Understanding the command-line is a must, it doesn’t matter in which IT field you work in. Sooner or later you have to learn the Linux Command-Line. In the case of infosec, it is mandatory from the beginning. That’s why I always recommend learning any Linux-based OS like Ubuntu, Mint, etc first, before doing anything. Linux, let you know what goes inside the CPU and let you find what is happening why. its gonna be the first step in the pawn-map.

Course : Linux Adminstration

Books :

Website to look for



It’s important to understand networking concepts in order to learn cybersecurity. Every IT field depends on some sort of network and then these networks together make the Internet. The router is a part of every network, Its job is to forward its network traffic to the outer world(Internet). Well if the router is not properly configured it can be exploited in a minute or sooner. As a white-hat penetration tester, you should be fully aware of networking fundamentals and its device functionality.

Nowadays you can see that every device is connected to the Internet that makes the network more vulnerable now. If any device is having any security vulnerability then by any minute your network can be hacked and your sensitive information will be gone or encrypted by ransomware.

Course :

Essential Networking

Books :

  • CompTIA Network + Guide – Todd Lammley
  • Computer Networking – A top-down Approach
  • Computer Networks – Andrew S. Tanenbaum
  • Data Communications and Networks – Behrouz A. Forouzan
  • TCP/IP Illustrated – Kevin R. Fall and W. Richard Stevens
  • Routing TCP/IP Volume 1 & 2

Website to Look For

Some resources I would like to suggest if you enjoy more structured study are:

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